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About Me

I am an architect, project manager and life and business coach. I am also passionate about sustainability. For me sustainability starts with each of us and then broadens out to include others and the works at large. As individuals we are leaders of our own life. We are responsible for leading a life hat brings us fulfilment, that supports and nurtures us. We are responsible for our choices - though sometimes we forget that.

I have spent over 20 years working with clients, leading and managing project teams and during this time I became curious about physical environments and human dynamics.

I wondered why some projects were successful and others less so. I wondered why some physical environments had a great effect on individual wellbeing and performance and others didn't. I realised a lot of our wellbeing depended on relationships; how we elated to ourselves, other people and the physical environment.

Authentic Life is a fusion of all these skills.

  • Services

    I am passionate about working with people to maximise their potential, whether this be an individual at home, a leader in business or a team at work.

    If you are interested in reaching your full potential in all aspects of life and doing it in a way that is sustainable then please get in touch.

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  • Business Clients

    Once considered a niche consulting speciality, coaching is now a key component of an organisation's toolkit for developing leaders, working with teams and helping employees at every level achieve their personal and professional best.

    The current business and economic situation means that companies have to work smarter to achieve key outcomes and targets. At the same time it is difficult to offer employees the financial incentives of the past. Coaching is one tool that can improve employee satisfaction and simultaneously improve the business bottom line.

    A bespoke solution can be tailored to your needs including group workshops and individual coaching packages.

  • Private Clients

    I work with private clients who are eager to make changes in their lives, who want things to be different. Your aim may be to achieve a certain goal, to be more effective or satisfied at work. You may want less in your life - less stress, less confusion. Or you may want more: more fulfilment, better balance. Whatever your reason for coming to coaching we will consider all aspects of your life because all our decisions are interconnected.


"Prior to starting the coaching programme I felt like a headless chicken running around doing nothing particularly well. I was at a difficult stage with a work project which was turning into a negative experience. My personal circumstances also meant that I wasn't dealing with the stress particularly well. I'd tried other talking therapies in the past which although helpful at the time, didn't provide me with any strategies for taking action. Since starting the coaching I feel more supported and empowered to make the decisions that are right for me. I feel that there is light at the end if the tunnel and I feel lighter and calmer."

Mike W, Bath

"Working with Liz has helped me gain a better understanding of my psychological motivations. It has helped me to take a wider perspective and look at the bigger picture which now feels hopeful and liberating. Liz is very empathic and picks up on what us going on for me, yet also keeps me focussed on finding solutions for the problems I bring to the sessions. Her compassionate yet practical approach is very helpful."

Jane T, Leicester

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