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DiSC Background

DiSC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the work of psychologist William Marston, which considers four different behavioural traits - dominance - inducement - submission - and compliance. This theory was then developed into an assessment tool by industrial psychologist Walter Clarke.

Marston's work formed the underpinning of the DiSC assessment that has been used by more than 50 million people since it was first introduced in 1972.

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Use of DiSC

DiSC is a tool to get to know oneself, others and behaviour in interpersonal situations better.

The best use of DiSC is to learn more about oneself, others and how to deal with situations where interpersonal relationships are involved. Some more specific versions of the DiSC assessment will help understand how one person would likely react in a specific team, management or leadership situation, given her or his DiSC style.

The assessment has been used to determine one's leadership skills. There are different leadership methods and styles that coincide with each personality type, which could help leaders be more effective. DiSC has also been used to help determine a course of action when dealing with problems as a leadership team—that is, taking the various aspects of each type into account when solving problems or assigning jobs.

Find out what DiSC could do for you

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